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Dr. Cortes has developed another unique liposuction technique in his repertoire of procedures used to enhance and recreate the hourglass shape.  Hourglass lipo has for its sole objective the creation of an hourglass shape.  It does this by sculpting the waist using liposuction in several areas of the body in such a way that the hip-to-waist ratio is improved.  To give you an idea of whether the hourglass lipo procedure is right for you, this description offers basic information about how the procedure is performed, what to expect after surgery, the usual recovery time, etc.  Hourglass lipo is the only technique that enhances your waist and improves your overall body shape with liposuction alone.

The difference between the hourglass lipo and regular lipo:

Liposuction is typically performed to remove excess fat in a specific, limited area.  It seldom includes sculpting an area of the body to make it slimmer and enhancing surrounding areas to create an hourglass shape.  Any surgeon can lipo any part of the body, but it takes experience and expertise to create an hourglass shape as viewed from either front or back.  The hourglass lipo is a useful technique that can be used alone or as a complement to the hourglass hip procedure or the hourglass buttock augmentation for more significant enhancement of the middle anatomy.

Who is the best candidate for the hourglass lipo procedure?

Ideal candidates for this procedure have excess fat in the waist area and in the lower back.  For best results, BMI should not be above 30.  Whether the hourglass lipo is performed alone or in combination with fat transfer, the amount of fat available will determine the enhancement that can realistically be accomplished by combining hourglass lipo in appropriate areas with fat transfer as needed.  Hourglass lipo candidates do need to realize that this not a skin-tightening procedure.  If a patient has excess skin or poor elasticity of the skin, this procedure by itself will not tighten the skin envelope.  The hourglass lipo can sculpt your waist and remove fat, but if you have excess skin, the excess skin will still be present after surgery.  Age is not a major factor in this procedure, but if a person has loose or stretched skin, the result might be less impressive than in a younger patient with tighter skin.  As with most procedures, you must be healthy, with no serious medical issues.  If you have medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, these need to be well controlled prior to surgery.

Your Consultation:

We encourage our patients to learn as much as possible about any surgery they are considering.  To make this easier, Dr. Cortes has created many informative videos that anyone can watch on his Youtube channel at DrWilbertoCorteslive.  Later, during your personal consultation, Dr. Cortes will assess the areas most suitable for fat harvesting as well as any areas that might require fat transfer if an hourglass hip procedure or an hourglass buttock augmentation will be combined with the hourglass lipo.  He will discuss your medical and social history with you to evaluate factors that may increase the risk of surgery, including smoking, medications, vitamins, drug use, etc.

Surgical Risks:

Liposuction is a low-risk procedure; however, there is always some risk of complications even with an experienced surgeon and state-of-the-art equipment.  Possible complications of liposuction include bleeding, blood clots, infection, fluid collection, skin discoloration, skin loss, or unsightly scars.  During the informed consent portion of your preoperative visit, information will be provided to describe in specific terms the different risks and complications that can occur.  This should not cause you alarm, because complications are rare, and if you follow Dr. Cortes’ recommendations postoperatively you can keep them to a minimum.

where your surgery will be performed:

Dr. Cortes performs all his cosmetic procedures at the Houston Northwest Medical Center.  Patients who have the hourglass lipo usually go home on the same day unless additional procedures such as hourglass body implant, hourglass buttock augmentation, or hourglass hip procedure are also done.

type of anesthesia:

Dr. Cortes’s surgical team includes a board-certified anesthesiologist and an assistant certified nurse anesthetist.  Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia.  Because of the large amount of fat he harvests and the substantial contouring he performs, a patient would not be able to tolerate being awake during fat harvest.  Local anesthesia would not be adequate.


Before any liposuction is done, Dr. Cortes will inject tumescent anesthesia to provide pain control and to minimize risks, including bleeding.  After the tumescent anesthesia has had time to work, he will begin liposuction in the waist area, the flanks, and the lower back.  These are the areas that have the greatest effect on waist shape and contour.  Dr. Cortes uses power-assisted liposuction at a very low setting.  If the procedure is being combined with fat transfer, fat is then processed and injected into selected areas to create an hourglass shape by enhancing your curves.

What to expect after surgery:

After hourglass lipo you will likely go home the same day unless additional procedures are performed.  In that event you may need to stay overnight to receive IV fluids and medications.  You will be asked to move around and drink fluids to minimize the possibility of forming blood clots.  Dr. Cortes will see you about 3 to 5 days following surgery, and sutures will be removed after 7 to 10 days.  Be sure to follow post-op instructions carefully to minimize complications.

Getting back to normal:

Recovering from a minor procedure like liposuction typically takes from 7 days up to 2 weeks, depending on how forcefully the suction must be done and how many areas are addressed.  The more extensive your liposuction, the longer your recovery will take.  You will feel lumpy or bumpy for about 6 to 9 months, but there is gradual improvement with time.  You will be instructed to wear a girdle for 3 to 6 months to control swelling and optimize healing.  Be patient, as it will take months for the swelling to resolve completely.  As mentioned before, you need to move around and drink fluids to reduce the possibility of blood clots.  Areas where liposuction has been performed will be bruised, swollen, hard, and tender, with areas of numbness.  All these symptoms will resolve over time.  Swelling will go down dramatically within the first month, but you do need to be patient, because final results won’t be seen for 6 to 9 months.  You will be given clear postoperative instructions about medication, follow-up, drain care (in the event that drains are placed), as well as showering precautions.  Dr. Cortes or his staff will communicate with you through e-mail, phone, and text messages.

The New You:

The hourglass hip procedure is an amazing procedure that can improve the shape of a person’s body on its own, or even more dramatically when combined with other cosmetic techniques,

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