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The brazilian butt lift is a name for what in surgical terms is referred to as a fat transfer procedure.  Fat transfer means removing fat from an unwanted area and injecting it into another area.More-stock-images-103-300x200  In terms of the Brazilian butt lift, this means taking fat from the abdomen, flanks, axilla, back, and thighs and processing and injecting it into the gluteal area.  Fat is currently the most versatile way of sculpting the buttocks because it allows the shaping of this area in a three dimensional way. The gluteal area is surrounded by the lower back, the hips on the sides, and the thighs on the lowest area.  When performing this procedure, attention needs to be paid to the complete area to obtain very satisfactory results. Liposuction is performed on the lower back to improve the take off of the buttocks. Many times fat accumulates in the lower back creating a hump that distorts the roundness of the gluteal area. Also, the hips are an integral part of the procedure to achieve better proportions. The buttocks on the sides blend with the hips and thighs. The gluteal muscle creates curvatures as it inserts in the hip bone and leg creating a depression on the sides that many times affects the fullness of the buttocks. You see this routinely in those patients that have a more athletic shape. In addition, it is not uncommon for the patients to have some fat maldistribution on the hip area creating some divets and/ or abdnormal fullness that distorts the natural beauty of the butt.  Although the main process during this procedure is to augment the buttocks in the size that the patient desires, liposuction is also performed in the buttocks to recreate the curvature of the hip to buttock aesthetics unit.

There are buttocks in many different shapes and forms. Universally, the A shape is what is considered the universal shape of sexiness. This type of buttock is defined as one that is smaller on the top as it starts at the level of the waist and it flares to the sides as it blends with the thighs.  There are different kinds of buttocks: the square butt, the round butt, and the V shape butt. These types of butts present  different challenges and approaches to be molded into an A shape buttock.

Now, this procedure does not necessarily mean that you need to have a larger behind, but it is mainly the tridimensional sculpting to create a more balanced and sexier look.  The fat can and will mold all the areas of depressions and redefine the boundaries of a nicer behind.

Now, the procedure is more than a buttock augmentation or reshaping; it is a total body transformation.  When removing the fat with liposuction, the waist becomes smaller compared to the hips. The female body shape is changed to the ideal proportions of having a smaller waist as compared to the hips and having the hour- glass figure. This is why this procedure is a total body transformation. In other words, Dr Cortés, will perform 7-10 procedures in one setting due to the multiple areas of liposuction that are performed.

The brazilian butt lift requires a certain amount of fat.  In other words, you need to be approximately 20 lbs. above your ideal body weight to be a good candidate. Typically, the average amount of fat that needs to be injected is around 650 to 750 cc of fat into each buttock to see a marked improvement. Remember, fat is not only needed to sculpt the buttocks but also to sculpt the hips.

One of the major factors in having a successful brazilian butt lift is to choose a plastic surgeon who performs this procedure routinely. It requires a combination of techniques for long lasting results. As a matter of fact, if this procedure is not performed accurately, you will lose all the fat.  The fat is a very delicate tissue that does not sustain stress vey well.

Dr. Cortés uses the latest equipment and techniques to sculpt the buttocks and provide long lasting results. There is a protocol that he follows to harvest the fat and at the same time inject the fat into the buttocks.  Every detail of the procedure is important. This procedure is not like a breast augmentation that anybody can perform. The fat can be unpredictable if steps are not performed to make sure that it is handled properly.

Dr Cortés uses a fat preserving liposuction machine to harvest the fat in sterile canisters. The fat is injected into the buttocks in multiple passes and layers. He uses small cannulas for injection to allow the fat to be nourished by the surrounding tissue in the first 72 hours.

Dr. Cortés is a master in buttock augmentation and sculpting. For more information, you can visit our buttock website at www.babygotbutt.com.

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